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created by KANSAS CITY BBQ LEGEND AND ThE # 1 Plant-Based BBQ expert In THE WORLD
Brian Rodgers

AT Age 44, after establishing himself as a force in kansas city BBQ for over 30 years, Brian was faced with 6 life threatening diseases and was morbidly obese. Instead of having gastric bypass surgery which seemed like his only option, brian went on a mission to create BBQ that not only tasted as great as his award winning kansas city bbq but was also healthy in all ways! In 6 months, brian reversed all 6 life threatening diseases and lost 120 pounds all while eating the same kansas city bbq he had been eating his entire life…….slightly modified!

Find out how you can bring real KC style BBQ into your Plant Based life with Pitmaster Brian Rodgers' new product line, Fool's Gold. Specially formulated for plant based protein, Fool's Gold is leading the way in plant based BBQ cuisine.



We have put together our Fool’s Gold Base Recipe book to help you easily master the plant based BBQ technique that is taking the world by storm! Once you master these recipes, plant-based BBQ, Fool’s Gold Style will be a skill you will use the rest of your life.



Brian Rodgers’ Award winning, 30 year old recipe, perfectly modified to work perfectly with plant-based BBQ! Fool’s Gold Original pairs perfectly with any plant based BBQ dishes such as jackfruit, soy, tempeh,  seitan, tofu, sweet potatoes, mushrooms, and more.


our mission

At Fool’s Gold BBQ our mission is to bring Plant based BBQ to the world in a fun and interesting new way. whether for health, convenience or just because it is so darn good, we make sure that nobody misses out on the great BBQ taste that you already love! A PERCENTAGE OF EVERY SALE OF FOOL’S GOLD PRODUCT IS DONATED TO HELP FIGHT THE INCREDIBLY DANGEROUS CHILDHOOD OBESITY ISSUE AND TO HELP ENSURE NO CHILD GOES HUNGRY!